Tip on how to start the new academic year with some inspiration!

And so we made it: welcome in the new academic year! I am sure you start it with a bunch of fresh energy and motivation, waiting for the new chances to come. Nothing feels as empowering as the realization that a beginning of the new year is a tabula rasa again, which we can fill out with many great achievements! The vision of becoming student of the year never seemed as real as it is now, right? Let’s keep the positive spirit as long as possible and not become overwhelmed by the enormous reading overload or grey, cold, rainy weather. See it all as an opportunity: we chose for an university to learn and grow (regarding the former) and these rainy days are a perfect time to focus and read, while drinking warm cup of tea (regarding the latter).

Success in life is about spotting and taking unique opportunities. Rostra Economica recognized one and wants to share it with you! On behalf of Sefa, we would like to invite you to Sefa Conference: The Innovation Experience, which is a great idea for a powerful kick-off of the new year. After Sefa Conference topics such as The New Economic Thinking in 2013 or Rise of the New Powers in 2014, the topic of this year stays in a closer connection with something we all are part of and have a direct influence on. The ability to innovate is now a top priority for companies everywhere, it is an integral part of growth and a key strategic driver.

Depending on many factors, innovation can mean different things. In order to get a deeper understanding of nowadays innovation and figure out what innovation means for us, the Sefa Conference gives you a chance to dive deep into this topic and experience innovation from many different perspectives. Yes, experience! This year’s conference will be very interactive, so be prepared to be challenged, inspired and left with a lasting impact.
The Sefa Conference gathered eight amazing speakers, who will share with you insights on what innovation means for them. You will meet leading innovators from the corporate world and the start-up entrepreneurs, here comes the impressive speakers list:

Berend Dinkla– Managing Director Products& Business Development Corporate Banking at ABN AMRO,
Han Gerrits– Partner at KPMG and CEO of Innovation Factory. Innovation Factory is the supplier of PIT (Power Ideas Together), the innovation software that is used globally by leading companies to support innovation,
Peter Perceval– Director of Inspiring Speech, a company which helps people to present and communicate their idea in an interesting way. He will reveal the secret of how innovation is connected to humor,
Jorrit van der Togt– Executive Vice President HR Strategy & Internal Communications at the Royal Dutch Shell,
Chris Laurens– the Vice President of Technology Innovation and Future Energies the Royal Dutch Shell,
Paul Stomph– CEO and co-founder of Qwiksense, a data analytics start-up, which helps create productive and energy efficient work environments,
David Knap– Co-founder of Cycleswap, an innovative bike rent start-up,
Laurens van Nues– CPO/COO and founder of magnet.me, a start-up which helps to find a dream job.

This year Conference takes place in a beautiful venue that represents the innovating spirit. The TOBACCO Theather, located in an old tobacco auction house in the heart of Amsterdam, will welcome you with its modern and hype vibe. The conference will be hosted by Kamal Boulema, former interviewer of Room for Discussion and Student of the Year 2012 at the FEB (he made it!;).

Beside listening to interesting speeches (all of them in English), you will have a great opportunity to meet and connect with your fellow students and finish the day with delicious cocktails served by Spraakwater (how they call themselves): “the pourers of happiness”.

Don’t miss this opportunity and start this academic year with a solid dose of innovative inspiration!

What: Sefa Conference The Innovation Experience
When: 10th of September, 12:30-18:00
Where: TOBBACCO Theater, Nes 73-87, 1012 KD Amsterdam

Subscribe here: www.sefa.nl/conference