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Fall of the (crypto) titan

The last year has been rather tough for crypto. Over the summer we saw prices crash and several companies fail. If anyone thought the following months would bring a change to that trend, they were in for a rough ride. In November, the so-called “crypto winter” would take it biggest scalp yet, in the form

Bitter Stalemate In Money Supply

In 1661 Johan Palmstruch discovered a Midas touch when he realized that he could solve his bank’s liquidity spread of short-term deposits and long-term loans by issuing credit paper. Dubbed “Palmstruch’s Notes”, they were credited as the first instance of IOUs (“I owe you”) in Europe, backed by nothing but the general public’s confidence in

Whatever happened to NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens. NFTs. Pictures of monkeys and three-dimensional animations of Donald Trump puking rainbows were all over our Twitter feeds just a few months ago; where are they now? An NFT, as the name suggests, is a unique token identified by a code attributed to it. In contrast, Bitcoin would be a fungible token because