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Bolsonaro’s Crimes Against Humanity

High hopes for a Senate inquiry into Brazil’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a terrible toll on Brazil. In April, the country suffered the highest number of deaths of any nation on earth, with 13% of the world’s Covid-19 fatalities. The virus has killed 1 in every 400 Brazilians, but many experts believe the true death toll may be even higher. According to

The Mississippi Abortion Law and Reproductive rights in the United States

Exploring the issue of abortion in the United States: why are so many states backtracking in terms of reproductive rights?

The recent discussion about the abrogation of the current Mississippi abortion law has sparked a heated debate about reproductive rights in the United States. The topic of abortion has always been in people’s mouths, but nowadays it is particularly discussed: lately many states have taken a conservative turn when it comes to reproductive rights. Recently

Deterioration of Freedom of Press in Central Europe

The constant, calculated, and systematic attacks on the fourth estate of democracy, media, leave it wobbling and weak. All around the world, there are plenty of examples of authoritarian leaders, such as Lukashenko or Erdogan, seizing control of the media market and making it a pro-government propaganda machine. Even in the past decade, EU members

Whatsapp’s Global Addicts

When Developing Countries Rely on a Western Monopoly

Remember that day when Whatsapp was out? And then you panicked and tried Messenger, Facebook, Instagram until you realised only Twitter was working? Millions of start-ups and small companies across India, Brazil, Malaysia, the Philippines and elsewhere also remember the 4th October 2021. The latter, however, stand in stark contrast to most of us, as

Struggle Over Cobalt Supply Disturbs the Clean Energy Revolution

How China is Outmaneuvering the United States in the Race for Sustainable Energy

After a series of deals that ended in 2020, a Chinese government-sponsored mining company acquired one of the world’s richest cobalt mines from an American firm. As a result, the United States failed to safeguard decades of financial and diplomatic investments in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Chinese companies backed by Beijing now control

Tertiary Institutions in Australia: Education or Industry?

A Case Study of the Plight of International Students During the Pandemic

While individuals across the world and all sectors of society have suffered hardships because of the COVID-19 pandemic, personal circumstances meant that enduring lockdowns and surviving isolation was harder for some than for others. Students living far away from their families, often separated by oceans, were among those that faced particularly challenging times. In 2015,