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Finally, the exam week of Period 4 is (almost) over. But today marks another special occasion. Rostra Economica has completed its first academic period as an online magazine. Of course, the magazine has existed since 1953, so one academic period is not at all impressive in the grand scheme of things. However, the transition into an online magazine is arguably the biggest change Rostra has ever gone through. In that sense, the performance so far can truly be called an achievement.

To be fair, the magazine was not exclusively online this period. It has also appeared in print with a special edition for the Amsterdam Career Days. The remaining copies of that edition are being distributed through the Sefa Store, so do not despair if you have yet failed to collect one.

The short collection of articles below could never fully appreciate the diversity, quality and quantity the Rostra Team has achieved, but it does give you a taste of what Rostra has to offer. The development of content will continue and we look forward to sharing this with our readers in the rest of the academic year.

Special thanks go to our devoted copy-editors, who are of paramount importance behind the scenes and never see their name in publication.


The Best of Rostra in Period 4