Hi there! We’re List Sefa, the faculty party of the Economics and Business department, here at the UvA. The student elections are coming up, and we need your support because List Sefa is competing for the Faculty Student Council of FEB. You may wonder, “Why should I vote for List Sefa?”. We will provide you with ample reasons, ofcourse.

To begin with, List Sefa doesn’t have a fixed party program. Its members decide the party program, thus, it changes every year. The current team decided to take this a notch higher, and let the students of the FEB and UvA decide, what the priorities should be. So, we sent out sample surveys and questionnaires to students, seeking their views and responses. Questions we asked include: “What do you think of the level of interaction between the Dutch and the international stream?”, “What facilities would you like to be improved, at the UvA?” and the most important question, “Who killed Biggie and ‘Pac?”

At List Sefa, we believe in addressing the issues students face, and making sure they’re represented at the University. After last year’s student protests, we realize democratization of the educational hierarchy, with more representative power vested in students, is very crucial for an academic institution especially something as dynamic and thriving as the UvA.  More importantly, as the only faculty party of the FEB, we wish to make sure that there is room for intellectual growth and forging new relationships with fellow students at the FEB. You might even say that our agenda and ideologies revolve around these two factors: more representative power for students, and making the FEB a better place for everyone, in every possible way.

To give you an insight of what our party stands for, we will mention the top three points of action, in this article. We keep in mind that as a student, you need to be able to relate to our points. We could of course talk about pluralism and blended learning (and we do, in our party agenda), but here we publish the ones which everyone can easily understand, without scratching their heads in utter confusion.

  1. More study spots: We know this is a generic problem, and we know you, as a student, want something to be done about this. With exams week approaching, the probability of getting a study spot is as good as zero, unless of course you come at 9 am in the morning, and mark your territory for the rest of the day. And not just this, we also incorporate the idea of more places to socialize and interact, so that you and your friends can stop going out that frequently.
  2. Lower minimum grade: We believe that this will garner unanimous support from the students. Although by no means do we intend to lower the high academic standards set by the UvA for its students, List Sefa realizes that not all students find academics equally easy. So, to help that guy or girl who works really hard and still doesn’t pass the courses, we want to lower the minimum grade.
  3. More recorded lectures: We were surprised and shocked to know that only the first year students have recorded lectures available. And this exclusivity still baffles us. For the greater good, and primarily for second and third year students, we rally for more recorded lectured to be available.

There it is. We really hope this caught your attention, and you relate to these points. We will try our best to make these come to fruition, because we believe in you.

So vote for List Sefa, at the E-Hall, from 9-13 May, for the FSR. Oh, and did we mention that we are the only faculty party of the FEB?

List Sefa. Of the students. By the students. For the students. Always.

* drops mic *


By Atma Jyoti Mahapatra