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The Value of International Students

During the last years, I have seen many articles regarding the influence of international students in the Netherlands. More and more Dutch universities offer the majority of their courses in English and are, according to critics, depending financially on international students. Some are concerned with the path the educational system has gone into and anxious

Psst …. Wanna Buy an Academic Chair? It’s Free!

Becoming a professor without participating in teaching and research? Seems weird …. but not at our faculty. Guest author S. de Beter* tells you more.

For students there are just good and bad teachers. For the academic staff, however, there is a huge difference between PhD, post-doc and assistant professors on the one hand and ‘real’ professors – entitled to call themselves ‘hoogleraar’ – at the other. Those in the first category work hard for little money, often on a

Economic Science and Economic Reality

Last week, Rethinking Economics NL published an outstanding analysis of the state of economics education in the Netherlands today. It starts out by explaining how economics has gone from a science whose focus, domain and methods are defined or at least informed by its subject matter to a science whose subject matter is wholly defined