Post Covid-19 Inflation: Should Governments Care About National Debt?

“Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt.” — Herbert Hoover At the time of publication, U.S. debt was estimated to be $28,239,008,350,646 (28 trillion U.S. dollars). U.K. national debt was £2,505,290,850,892 (2.5 trillion pounds). France’s national debt was  €2,560,624,067,827 (2.5 trillion euros). It is hardly useful to compare absolute debt numbers

Why every vote counts

Student elections are more crucial than ever before.

On May 31, less than a month after the publication of this piece, the student body of the University of Amsterdam is called to the polls to elect its student councils. These councils, and the students that comprise them, will have the task of representing their peers before the university’s administration, while implementing measures and