Room for Discussion

Sefa Room for Discussion – Dutch Ambassador for the Arctic Council Rene van Hell

A political perspective on climate change and the Arctic Council’s next steps

On Monday, February 7, 2022, the Dutch Ambassador for the Arctic Council, Rene van Hell, was interviewed by Sefa Room for Discussion. He discussed topics relative to why the Dutch government has an ambassador in the Arctic Council. He also talked about climate change issues and discussed how the Arctic Council plans to tackle this

The Green New Deal: The European Plan to Save the Climate and the Younger Generation

An Interview with Diederik Samsom

In the second physical interview of Room for Discussion this year, the guest was Diederik Samsom. Samsom served as the leader of the Labour Party between 2012-2016. Since November 2019, Samsom has functioned as the head of the cabinet for First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmerman. Samsom also contributed to the Green New

Susan Kigula – The Pioneer of Justice

The Story of the Woman Who Saved the Lives of Hundreds

On October 22nd, Susan Kigula visited the University of Amsterdam as part of the monthly Room for Discussion conversations. Since the height of the pandemic, RfD has been pushed to virtual meetings; however, Rostra, Sefa, and UvA are excited and ecstatic to bring back the Room for Discussion panels! For the first time since 2020,

Room For Discussion: Tom Standage on Journalism, the Future, and Everything in Between

Holding the virtual interview with Tom Standage on Facebook Live was comically ironic – the discussions that were about to unfold advocated for the redistribution of power away from social media monopolies, and yet we were using the largest one of all. Being a journalist, author and technology wiz, the recent political, technological and social