Political Economics

Struggle Over Cobalt Supply Disturbs the Clean Energy Revolution

How China is Outmaneuvering the United States in the Race for Sustainable Energy

After a series of deals that ended in 2020, a Chinese government-sponsored mining company acquired one of the world’s richest cobalt mines from an American firm. As a result, the United States failed to safeguard decades of financial and diplomatic investments in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Chinese companies backed by Beijing now control

God, Gold, and Glory

A Conceptual Take on the History of Capitalism and Its Possible Future

We often use the words: “capitalism, liberalism and neoliberalism” interchangeably when referring to the current global economic, political & sociocultural system to provide a plausible explanation for our way of living. Despite being proposed by different economists throughout history, they all point out a similar pattern of thinking. Arguably, it all started with the famous

Making a Resilient Future From Ancient Wisdom

Different perspectives on a sustainable world throughout time

Due to global warming and environmental problems, sustainable living is becoming a more critical necessity by the day. Society has to find more environmentally friendly ways of living to ensure humanity’s survival. Fortunately, we do not have to go too far to discover an answer to this problem. Throughout history, there have been many civilisations

The 4-Day Working Week

Eat, Sleep, Work... Obsolete?

Few would expect a nascent political party that took home less than 3% of the vote to have much sway on policy. And yet, the progressives of Más País have just obtained approval from the Spanish government for the crux of their launch platform: a state-backed trial of a 4-day working week. Although this secures