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Musk’s Twitter LBO Under Threat: Blame The Bot?

What Is Behind Tech Mogul's Ongoing Takeover Attempt?

On April 14th, 2022, Elon Musk dropped a bombshell on Wall Street by announcing his bid for a Twitter takeover. It was reported that he has been buying up Twitter shares since January 2022, and by April, his stake reached 9.2%, valued at $2.9 billion, making him the company’s largest shareholder. Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s CEO,


Is the American democratic system in ruins?

The war in Ukraine has undeniably shown the democratic West how ruthless and destructive Putin and his authoritarian regime can be. Ukraine, a country increasingly turning towards western politics and becoming a reasonable candidate to join the European Union, is now directly facing a humanitarian crisis, invaded and destroyed. For Russia, the threat of an

Anna Delvey: The Fake Heiress Who Scammed New York’s Elite

What makes her story so fascinating, and how do scammers like her manage to get away with it?

Recently, many people’s interests have been picked by a story that happened in 2019 but is now making people talk more than ever. Anyone who has access to a Netflix account or any social media has caught a whiff of Anna Delvey’s (or should I say Sorokin?) story.Anna Delvey’s story goes as far back as

The Mississippi Abortion Law and Reproductive rights in the United States

Exploring the issue of abortion in the United States: why are so many states backtracking in terms of reproductive rights?

The recent discussion about the abrogation of the current Mississippi abortion law has sparked a heated debate about reproductive rights in the United States. The topic of abortion has always been in people’s mouths, but nowadays it is particularly discussed: lately many states have taken a conservative turn when it comes to reproductive rights. Recently