North America

America: The Neoliberal Empire

We live in a world that prizes the competition in markets unencumbered by government intervention. The largely accepted role of government is not to provide the necessary amenities for their lives of citizens, but to allow those citizens to compete among one another, in a rapidly monopolizing playing field, to earn that which social democratic

The Great Reset

Dystopian Disaster or Universal Utopia

The year is 2030. You own nothing, but you are happy about it. You do not need private property, possessions or privacy. Why would you? Everything you could ever need is provided to you by the government and big corporations. Life as we know it is now digitalised. All communication is digital; we have a

Crossing the Line

A Surge in the Border Crisis

The border crisis between the United States and Mexico is a story as old as time. Dating back to 1904, border patrol or Mounted Guards were placed along the Texas/Mexico border to prevent illegal crossings. Although the patrol was always there, it wasn’t until the 1980s and 1990s when cartels, corrupt governments, drugs, unstable living,