Middle East

The “God-Given Solution to Promiscuity”: Temporary Marriages in Modern Shi’i Iran

*quoted by Ruhollah Khomeini, founder and president of the Islamic Republic of Iran from 1980-1988  Covid cases are reaching an all-time high in the Islamic Republic of Iran during the “5th wave” hitting the country as of August 2021. One of many factors playing into the ever-lasting persistence of the virus is Iran’s infamous custom

Neom: A Utopian Clash between Tradition and Modernity

The shadow side to the utopian dream city Neom

“The Line”. What sounds like one of Netflix’s dystopian shows is actually a fully-fledged project of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman as part of the country’s “vision 2030” plan. “The Line” is the infrastructural city planning of the future metropole Neom, a modern ecotopia, promising harmony, sustainability, health and innovation all within an

“Death to France”

Why is the French Republic trapped in the crosshairs of radical Islamists?

On October 16th, middle-school teacher Samuel Paty was decapitated for having shown caricatures of the prophet Mohammed to his class. The cartoons were the work of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, twelve of whose editors fell prey to an Islamist attack of their own in January 2015. On October 29th, less than two weeks later, an assailant claimed the lives of three people in Nice, one of whom was also beheaded. In the same town, in July 2016, an Islamic terrorist drove a truck through a