Latin America

The new left in Colombia: A hard promise to keep

Gustavo Petro, the newly elected Colombian president, has a lot to live up to. The road will not be easy.

Colombia has a new president. Gustavo Petro, a 62-year-old ex-guerrilla combatant, ex-mayor of Bogotá, ex-senator and now, even to his great surprise, ex-opposition. This is a historic election. He is the country’s first leftist president, and his vice-president, Francia Márquez, is the first black woman to hold the second-highest position in the executive branch. Petro

Bolsonaro’s Crimes Against Humanity

High hopes for a Senate inquiry into Brazil’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a terrible toll on Brazil. In April, the country suffered the highest number of deaths of any nation on earth, with 13% of the world’s Covid-19 fatalities. The virus has killed 1 in every 400 Brazilians, but many experts believe the true death toll may be even higher. According to

Novel Political Leaders: A Lie in Disguise

A lesson from Medellín, Colombia

Young political candidates seem to have a flair to them. They resonate with the young. They represent change and bring a fresh twist to a rather dull, bureaucratic, and traditional institution like government. One place where this breed of politicians has proven its effectiveness is Latin America. Daniel Quintero, today’s mayor of Medellín, Colombia’s second-biggest

Cuba Sin Castro

The end of communism in the Americas?

For the first time in over sixty years, a member of the Castro family will not be leading Cuba. At the end of another five-year term as First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raúl Castro, who took the reins from his older brother Fidel in 2008, is finally taking a back seat. His