Vladimir Putin: Accidental Democrat

Russia's Paradoxical Route to Democracy

‘’I am responsible only to God and history’’, these Putinistic words were repeatedly uttered by Spanish dictator Fransico Franco. For decades, Franco held his country in a dictatorial stranglehold. Yet, starting in the late 70s, La Transición Española moved the country from a fascist dictatorship into a full-fledged liberal democracy within a matter of years. Four thousand

Two decades of Hungary

How did we end up here? A political timeline of the last 20 years

Hungary has made it to the headlines of international news in the last few years: it has implemented an anti-LGBTQ law, a dictator-law, and Viktor Orban endorsed Donald Trump in the American elections. These could give the picture of a far-right dictator in middle Europe; however, the situation is much more complex. Hungarian politics went

The Mississippi Abortion Law and Reproductive rights in the United States

Exploring the issue of abortion in the United States: why are so many states backtracking in terms of reproductive rights?

The recent discussion about the abrogation of the current Mississippi abortion law has sparked a heated debate about reproductive rights in the United States. The topic of abortion has always been in people’s mouths, but nowadays it is particularly discussed: lately many states have taken a conservative turn when it comes to reproductive rights. Recently