Is Lebanon’s Economic Meltdown Threatening to Erase History?

When today impacts not just the future of a nation but it's history too

Could Lebanon’s economic collapse be affecting history? Quite an unusual question to ask yourself, I suppose. But, if we look a little deeper into how intertwined politics, economics and history are, we find that the ties are as obvious as ever. We are presented with a modern-day example of how Lebanon’s economic meltdown may put

The Tail Wagging Education

Thought leader Nick Saville on the future of artificial intelligence in teaching

“We should not let the tail wag the dog”. This a rather unusual idiom, but one that defined the interview given by Nick Saville at the Room for Discussion. His role as Director of Thought Leadership for Cambridge English is one of exploring language learning and mastery through technology. By using automated systems for assessment,

The EU’s Complex Relationship With Big Business

Who really runs the show in Brussels?

The EU is facing backlash over allegations that top EU officials conducted and arranged several backroom meetings between top EU officials, Dutch politicians and Uber representatives for the sake of advancing Uber’s market position and relationship with public authorities in both the Netherlands and EU wide. OLAF, the European Union’s anti-fraud agency has recently opened

Time to Discharge Electric Cars

Bidirectional charging Makes for a Greener Future

The city of Utrecht is determined to make the transition to clean energy as it aims to become the first bidirectionally powered region in the world. The ambition relies on the batteries of electric cars and their chargers to power homes and businesses in a region.  While most electric cars charge one way, some cars