Bolsonaro’s Crimes Against Humanity

High hopes for a Senate inquiry into Brazil’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a terrible toll on Brazil. In April, the country suffered the highest number of deaths of any nation on earth, with 13% of the world’s Covid-19 fatalities. The virus has killed 1 in every 400 Brazilians, but many experts believe the true death toll may be even higher. According to

Tertiary Institutions in Australia: Education or Industry?

A Case Study of the Plight of International Students During the Pandemic

While individuals across the world and all sectors of society have suffered hardships because of the COVID-19 pandemic, personal circumstances meant that enduring lockdowns and surviving isolation was harder for some than for others. Students living far away from their families, often separated by oceans, were among those that faced particularly challenging times. In 2015,

Changes to the EU’s fiscal policies – paving the way for a Sovereign Debt Crisis 2.0?

Predictions for the post-pandemic future of debt sustainability and economic recovery in the European community

It goes without saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has been the topic of the last two years. However, the negative indirect impact on the relative health of economies will certainly persist for many years to come, with the burden of substantial government debt created likely to affect future budgetary policies. The latest discussion about the proposed changes to the

Sharing Covid-19 vaccines: a duty of Western countries?

Exploring the issue of inequality in the context of the pandemic and the vaccines

Since the pandemic’s start, it has always been clear which countries would have had a head start in their vaccination campaign and consequently a return to normality. The vaccine rollout has once again highlighted the disparities between the rich Western countries and the poverty-stricken ones. What will Western governments and pharmaceutical companies do about it,