Climate Change

A Dying Breed

The typical image of an idyllic countryside family farm has dominated the public image of agriculture for decades. The romanticised image of hardworking and honest people living in unison and nature and providing for us easing our minds as we shop in the pampered comfort of our supermarkets. Perhaps as a cognitive defence mechanism against

Time to Discharge Electric Cars

Bidirectional charging Makes for a Greener Future

The city of Utrecht is determined to make the transition to clean energy as it aims to become the first bidirectionally powered region in the world. The ambition relies on the batteries of electric cars and their chargers to power homes and businesses in a region.  While most electric cars charge one way, some cars

Up to Speed: The Electric Vehicle Revolution of the Balkan Peninsula

A question of entrepreneurial, cultural and environmental change

The idea of an electric vehicle revolution seems rather untimely, a topic of little to no significance in Western Europe, where electromobility has become the norm. But within the Balkan Peninsula, a shift in entrepreneurial, cultural and environmental importance is yet to take place. This is the story of a silent revolution, strong not in

The Taiwan Trilemma

A seemingly insolvable predicament

“If anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will definitely not hesitate to start a war no matter the cost”, as spoken by China’s defence minister Wei Fenghe at the Shangri-La Dialogue – Asia’s most important security conference – in Singapore in June 2022. As the EU has been preoccupied with supporting