Beyond Borders

Why every vote counts

Student elections are more crucial than ever before.

On May 31, less than a month after the publication of this piece, the student body of the University of Amsterdam is called to the polls to elect its student councils. These councils, and the students that comprise them, will have the task of representing their peers before the university’s administration, while implementing measures and

Making a Resilient Future From Ancient Wisdom

Different perspectives on a sustainable world throughout time

Due to global warming and environmental problems, sustainable living is becoming a more critical necessity by the day. Society has to find more environmentally friendly ways of living to ensure humanity’s survival. Fortunately, we do not have to go too far to discover an answer to this problem. Throughout history, there have been many civilisations

A flexible rearrangement

The office. The place where deals are made, solutions are found, top decisions are taken… where company identity is created, and the company culture breeds, professional and casual relationships are established—the place where, after the pandemic, employees want to go back to…but not really.  More than a year ago, millions of workers worldwide were forced