Beyond Borders

China, the Economic Introvert

Seemingly perpetual economic growth and China’s status as an international behemoth may be in question as President Xi Jinping shifts priorities. Dubbed an ‘economic introvert,’ the features of the foretold fortress China are being concretely laid into CCP dogma. Ushered into his ground-breaking third term as President and Politburo strongman, Xi aims to redirect China’s

Cultured Meat: A Revolution in Our Food System

Once the pioneer of lab-grown meat, the Netherlands has since lost its head start in the field due to legal and cultural hurdles. However, in recent months, the Dutch House of Representatives passed a resolution to allow the tasting of cultured meat under controlled conditions, a mandatory measure to gain approval by the European Food Standards Authority

LinkedIn: Boon or Curse

How does LinkedIn’s hustle culture affect university students?

‘LinkedIn, the world’s largest platform for professionals to interact and connect with 830 million members across 200 countries’ – or something synonymous with this, we first read when we sign up on LinkedIn for the first time. LinkedIn is our bible as university students in the professional world, an integral tool for our eventual future