The ‘debt-trap diplomacy’ narrative: A look at the other side

A case study of a controversial Sri Lankan port deal and other Chinese lending practices

The ‘debt trap diplomacy’ narrative has become a defining account of Chinese overseas financing since it was first uttered by the Trump administration. However, as with all ubiquitous narratives, it is worth probing and looking into this claim to understand its validity, what it means, and whom it serves. Let us backtrack and take a

Made in Ethiopia

A Tale of Labour Rights Abuses in Ethiopia’s Apparel Sector and the Role of the International Labour Organization

Big headlines are decorating the front page of the website of the International Labour Organization (ILO): “Ethiopia celebrates its 99th anniversary of being part of the ILO!” Approaching the centennial of the Ethiopia-ILO partnership, it is only fair to look into the progress that has been made in terms of labour standard improvements in Ethiopia’s

The Gem of Africa: Botswana

In the middle of the 1947 heat-wave, Seretse Khama, the Prince of Bechuanaland (colonial Botswana) and heir to the throne, met the English Lloyd’s clerk Ruth Williams at a London ball. The Prince was smitten – after only a year of courtship, the Prince and the English clerk got hitched. However, what came after their