The Gem of Africa: Botswana

In the middle of the 1947 heat-wave, Seretse Khama, the Prince of Bechuanaland (colonial Botswana) and heir to the throne, met the English Lloyd’s clerk Ruth Williams at a London ball. The Prince was smitten – after only a year of courtship, the Prince and the English clerk got hitched. However, what came after their

Rwanda: the Singapore of Africa or an authoritarian mirage?

The country's path to economic recovery after almost 30 years of the genocide

Notorious for the bloody genocide in 1994 that shocked the international community, Rwanda is now recovering from this atrocious event — and it seems successful at it.  In 2017, Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda and former military leader, claimed the country is aspiring to be the Singapore of Africa. Singapore is internationally recognized for jumping

Africa’s Impossible Task: Preventing the COVID-19 Outbreak in 2 Weeks

  On Monday, there were roughly 5,300 registered cases of COVID-19 and over 200 deaths in the African continent.   On 17 July 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Ebola a global health emergency for the fifth time. As the world’s poorest continent continues to fight against this virus and other life-threatening diseases such