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19 years old, 2nd year Bachelor student studying Economics. I love reading, am keen on politics and economics. I want to explore all the opportunities I have and I am always trying to expand my hobbies and skills.

Economics of the Sports Industry

I think many of us while looking any sports game on TV thought: why do they get so much money anyway? Of course, it’s all the sponsors and investors, and being a professional athlete is indeed hard, so they deserve the money, but some of the sums sound ridiculously high. In this article, I want

Qatar Diplomatic Crisis

More tensions in the Middle East

Between the 5 and 6th of June, 9 countries including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, Mauritius, Mauritania, the Maldives and Libya’s eastern-based government fully froze all diplomatic relations with Qatar. This is an unprecedented in its scope and structure case even though it is not the first crisis in that region

A Brief History of Bitcoins

Bitcoins’ price has doubled within a period of less than one year. Coming from 1,000$ per bitcoin in January 2017, it is now worth a bit more than 2,000$. But, what are bitcoins? How did it all start, and when and why is it used? These are the questions I’ll have a look at today.

Eurovision – a New Field for Politicians?

Most people do like watching reality shows, contests and singing competitions. Watching Eurovision is another way to enjoy your evening. Eurovision is a singing competition, where each participating country sends one performer to represent themselves. The songs are brand new, meaning that they have been written just for the contest. Although it seems very simple,

North Dakota Pipeline conflict – ecological activists against a billion dollar project

Protests of environmental activists against a corporation trying to build something is not a new thing. It happens more and more often in the modern world, along with people’s increasing concern about the future of the planet and their descendants. One of such protests is currently happening in North Dakota, US, where an oil pipeline

City of the Future – Tesla Town

Have you ever thought about all these electric, self-driving cars, smart houses that change the temperature and regulate the lights when you need it and thought “the future with them will be so nice and easy”. Well, the future is here. In the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Tesla Town is being created. The official name