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Struggle Over Cobalt Supply Disturbs the Clean Energy Revolution

How China is Outmaneuvering the United States in the Race for Sustainable Energy

After a series of deals that ended in 2020, a Chinese government-sponsored mining company acquired one of the world’s richest cobalt mines from an American firm. As a result, the United States failed to safeguard decades of financial and diplomatic investments in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Chinese companies backed by Beijing now control

Stimulus Spikes and Tax Hikes

Funding Pandemic Fiscal Policy That Raised Millions Out of Poverty

In April, President Biden delivered a clear message to wealthy Americans: “Your taxes will be raised.” As expected, business lobbyists and conservative politicians in the United States have voiced strong opposition to tax increases, claiming them to be unfair towards businesses and hard-working Americans. However, their rhetoric surrounding the possible changes in tax policy clouds