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Anna Delvey: The Fake Heiress Who Scammed New York’s Elite

What makes her story so fascinating, and how do scammers like her manage to get away with it?

Recently, many people’s interests have been picked by a story that happened in 2019 but is now making people talk more than ever. Anyone who has access to a Netflix account or any social media has caught a whiff of Anna Delvey’s (or should I say Sorokin?) story.Anna Delvey’s story goes as far back as

Sefa Room for Discussion – Dutch Ambassador for the Arctic Council Rene van Hell

A political perspective on climate change and the Arctic Council’s next steps

On Monday, February 7, 2022, the Dutch Ambassador for the Arctic Council, Rene van Hell, was interviewed by Sefa Room for Discussion. He discussed topics relative to why the Dutch government has an ambassador in the Arctic Council. He also talked about climate change issues and discussed how the Arctic Council plans to tackle this

The Western World through the lens of North Korean Defectors

North Korea through the eyes of the defectors: to what extent are their stories factual, and how does their experience influence the way they continue to live in the West?

The majority of people are aware of the conditions that North Korean people suffer at the hand of the government: the so-called hermit country keeps its people under a dictatorial regime living in conditions of extreme poverty. Because of the terrible circumstances, many North Koreans seek to escape the country to reach (in most cases)

The Mississippi Abortion Law and Reproductive rights in the United States

Exploring the issue of abortion in the United States: why are so many states backtracking in terms of reproductive rights?

The recent discussion about the abrogation of the current Mississippi abortion law has sparked a heated debate about reproductive rights in the United States. The topic of abortion has always been in people’s mouths, but nowadays it is particularly discussed: lately many states have taken a conservative turn when it comes to reproductive rights. Recently

Sharing Covid-19 vaccines: a duty of Western countries?

Exploring the issue of inequality in the context of the pandemic and the vaccines

Since the pandemic’s start, it has always been clear which countries would have had a head start in their vaccination campaign and consequently a return to normality. The vaccine rollout has once again highlighted the disparities between the rich Western countries and the poverty-stricken ones. What will Western governments and pharmaceutical companies do about it,