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I am associate professor specialized in market design, industrial organization, and experimental economics. For my bachelors and Masters I studied Econometrics at the University of Tilburg. I wrote my PhD thesis also in Tilburg, on auction theory.

The Added Value of Economists

“Ha!” exclaimed my nephew, Paul, during our weekly visit to the swimming pool. “I read in the newspaper that the Dutch economy grew by 3.4% in the last quarter.” I replied: “Quite spectacular, isn’t it, in particular because economists like Robert Gordon recently predicted that developed countries could at best achieve a long-run growth rate

The Secret Behind Managerial Success (or: How to Annoy my Sister)

“We aim to foster independent minds with an impact on international business and society at large by offering research-based teaching that meets the highest international standards.” This might sound familiar. It is part of the Economics & Business department’s mission statement. During my graduate studies, I shared a flat with Richard Engelfriet. If ever I’ve

Football Rules

My nephew, Paul, loves watching football. Until quite recently, I found this hard to understand. Where is the fun in sitting through a 90-minute match in which close to zero entertainment is offered, hardly any goals are scored (2.5 goals per match, on average), and random mistakes by referees can have a disproportional influence on

Pathé Unlimited

I love going to the movies. Of course, I am not the only one. But as an economist, I might look at things through slightly different lenses than most people. Take the Pathé Unlimited card that is offered by Pathé, the largest cinema chain in the Netherlands. The card costs € 19 and provides access