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The Caspian Connector

“To follow the Silk Road is to follow a ghost. It flows through the heart of Asia, but it has officially vanished leaving behind the pattern of its restlessness. The road forks and wanders wherever you are. It is not a single way, but many: a web of choices” – Colin Thubron, author of the “Shadow

Bitter Stalemate In Money Supply

In 1661 Johan Palmstruch discovered a Midas touch when he realized that he could solve his bank’s liquidity spread of short-term deposits and long-term loans by issuing credit paper. Dubbed “Palmstruch’s Notes”, they were credited as the first instance of IOUs (“I owe you”) in Europe, backed by nothing but the general public’s confidence in

Musk’s Twitter LBO Under Threat: Blame The Bot?

What Is Behind Tech Mogul's Ongoing Takeover Attempt?

On April 14th, 2022, Elon Musk dropped a bombshell on Wall Street by announcing his bid for a Twitter takeover. It was reported that he has been buying up Twitter shares since January 2022, and by April, his stake reached 9.2%, valued at $2.9 billion, making him the company’s largest shareholder. Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s CEO,

How Does Transition To Clean Energy Influence Financial Markets

Role of energy and financial companies in facilitating sustainable investments

Over the past few years, a recurring theme in the news has been the transition to sustainable energy sources. It may not come as a surprise especially given the current energy crisis influenced by the soaring price of conventional energy sources such as oil and natural gas. Let’s take a look at how companies are