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The Robot Invasion

Your labor market most serious enemies may not be human competitors. It is likely a robot will try to take your job. Computers are getting more intelligent, so not only manual human labor is subject to competition from automation, but also many high-skill demanding white collar labor. What determines vulnerability to automation, experts say, is

The Military Map of the World

In the past years, the world has witnessed a deterioration in international relations, a rise in aggressive nationalism and religious fanaticism, sluggish economic growth, an increasing economic inequality, unemployment rates, poverty rates, a collapse of a number of states, which are currently plagued in civil unrest, and a fall in law and order that is

The Economics of Sex

When you walk in the Red Light District, have you ever seen a male prostitute? I haven’t. There are only females. O wait! There are males, but ones that are dressed as females and try to act as feminine as possible to attract male customers, so I would still consider them females (with penises).  Let’s

Trump vs. China

The partnership between China and the United States, where each nation regards the other a potential adversary as well as a strategic partner, has been described by world leaders and academics as the world’s most important bilateral relationship of the century. Despite growing commercial ties, the bilateral economic relationship has become increasingly complex and often