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Olga Kowalska is a Master student of Business Administration at UvA, specialising in Leadership and Management. She is particularly interested in all human and psychological aspects of the complex business world. As an Editor-in-chief, she watches over Rostra’s organizational issues and takes care of a development of the platform.

One Tip on How You Can Make Your Study Experience Even Better Next Year!

Elections to the Student Council

When talking to people who had already graduated, I hear quite often that the time of studying on the university can actually be considered one of the best periods in one’s life. Maybe the appreciation of “the good student life” comes with age, because students themselves usually complain a lot about various things. Ok, I

Procrastination: Is There a Cure for It?

Can you imagine failing even more than procrastinating, while writing an article about procrastination? I didn’t even have to imagine such a fail, instead, I just empirically experienced it. So, after seeing all the funny cat videos on YouTube, scrolling through all the social media channels, visiting kitchen for more than 1000 times, cleaning my

Something About Christmas Time

“It is the most wonderful time of the year…”. I cannot disagree. The world sparkled with twinkling lights, decorated with festive garlands, the air filled with scents of cinnamon or pine, and Christmas songs cheering up the spirit – the magic of Christmas can make us feel like playing part in a fairy tale, even

The mystery and mastery of decision-making

“Decisions as I go to, to anywhere I flow…” we hear in the popular song. Indeed, decisions are fixedly embedded in our reality and we have to face, almost constantly, not only the decisions themselves, but also their outcomes. Do you know how many decisions you make daily? During an average week? A recent survey

Human Development in 2015 and beyond (Part 2)

Perspectives on the Millennium Development Goals

Find Part 1 here! By Olga Kowalska and Pieter Huijink   3.Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women Economics: In many parts around the world, women are discriminated against on all levels of society, both through legal barriers and cultural factors. They are less likely to reach higher levels of education and they are less likely to hold senior

It is all about money!

While writing my bachelor’s thesis, I wonder: Who else (besides me and my own development) will ever benefit from it? Is there any company that would ever look at these findings and based on them will be able to improve the performance? I went with questioning myself even further and was pondering: Are companies and

Simple rule which can boost your efficiency

The exam week for me usually results in two major outcomes: lack of sleep and some philosophical conclusions. It is maybe due to the too intensive cognitive processes going on in my brain or maybe because of the subconscious tendency to procrastinate, but exam week seems to be the best for making interesting observations, especially

How much of a unity in the Union?

After 21 years since its formal establishment, the European Union has achieved the position of a respected partner in all highly important international dialogues. It plays a crucial role in shaping structures and relationships of the contemporary world and contributing to the maintenance of peace and safety. At the same time, the EU is still

The value of music

The music industry has been undergoing drastic changes since the advent of widespread digital distribution of music. Firstly, the new technology has changed the way people perceive music. Especially the younger generation does not associate it with a physical and tangible album anymore, since the music is easily streamed in real time, wherever we are. Secondly, the effective strategies in the