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Miruna is one of the copy editors for Rostra Economica and a MSc student in Entrepreneurship and Management in the Creative Industries. She is a passionate writer and an even more passionate reader of her fellow peers’ work. Her area of focus includes current trends in world economy and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Mission or Vision?

In the ‘About’ section of every big company you can see their mission and vision proudly displayed, using fancy words and lengthy phrases. You can just imagine someone heavily browsing a synonyms website and picking the ones that are the most convolute. In the end, they compile such an intricate and sophisticated text, that at

Big Mac Economics

As we are entering a new age of Mass Intelligence (as described by The Economist), ignorance is severely punished and curiosity no longer kills the cat. The following statement ranks high in our daily lives: Curiosity is knowledge and knowledge is power. So, in order to become powerful, one must first possess a certain degree