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Michael van Rhee is a student of economics, primarily interested in the field of macroeconomics. He has been a copy editor for Rostra Economica as of early 2014. Michael is a passionate music collector and a pretty decent drummer.


Describing the war inside

There’s a good chance that you don’t know who I am, and that probably makes perfect sense; after all, I haven’t been hanging around at the faculty all that much in the past few years. Instead, my life has been dominated by a disorder that’s more tiresome than you can begin to understand. This is

The Draw Death of Chess

Foreseeing the future of the sport

Last November saw the final of the World Chess Championship — a match between the reigning world champion (Magnus Carlsen of Norway) and his latest challenger (Sergey Karjakin of Russia) to determine the World Chess Champion. Carlsen ended up winning the tie, but he could only make the difference after the match had gone to

The Future of Television

Apps, apps, and even more apps

For a long time, the television industry used to be a rather dead one. A consumer electronics store would sell you a humongous set, after which you’d get access to a fixed number of channels through a subscription offered by a local cable company. Understandably, this was a huge thing at the time. Just think

The predictive power of polls

Polling the US elections; will Donald trump Hillary?

With Election Day fast-approaching, tension in the United States is quickly rising to an absolute climax. Indeed, after a year-long buildup to what could be the most consequential presidential elections in a very long time to come, November 8th is just around the corner. Needless to say, these elections concern so much more than just the

Pokémon Go summer roundup

For those of you who've been living under an Onix

When the Pokémon series made its grand international debut in the mid-1990s, only very few people would’ve predicted that the then revolutionary virtual monsters would still be going strong some twenty years later. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what we witnessed throughout this year’s summer, this time in the form of Pokémon Go — a mobile video

Down with the crown!

Retrieving our republican roots

April 27th saw the third edition of King’s Day, a national holiday in honour of the reigning monarch — King Willem-Alexander — celebrated on his birthday. It’s the successor of Queen’s Day, which saw the light of day as early as 1891 (back when Wilhelmina was still queen) and ran until 2013, when Beatrix abdicated and

The vinyl revival

Record Store Day 2016

When compact disc first made its introduction into the mainstream market somewhere in the late 1980s, few people would’ve predicted that the then dominant audio format — vinyl — would still be around almost thirty years later. Clocking in at eighty minutes of music, CDs had a much longer running time than LPs, which could

In Memoriam: Johan Cruijff

14 classic Cruijff quotes explained

“In a sense, I’m probably immortal.” It’s one of the many quotes that Dutch football legend Johan Cruijff, who tragically passed away recently after a six-month struggle with lung cancer, will be remembered for. The man is widely considered to have been our greatest football player of all time, if not our greatest sportsman ever

A plea against referendums

The drawbacks of direct democracy

Are referendums a desirable way of making political decisions? To anyone who has been following the news for the last the few months, the answer might seem ‘yes’, with seemingly more and more referendums being held in various countries across Europe. In fact, two important referendums concerning the future of the European Union, be it

The man behind the painting

The life and death of Karel Appel

Have you ever taken a good look at the enormous painting that enriches the E hall? What do you know about it? Hell, do you even know who painted it? If not, let’s change that right about now. The war years La Folie des Rues, as the painting is called, was painted by Dutch artist Karel Appel

Bowie’s financial adventures

Bowie Bonds, the BowieBanc, and more

When I woke up on a Monday morning a couple of weeks ago only to hear that David Bowie had just passed away, confusion was the feeling that overshadowed me. It was an odd thing to hear, because despite not being my idol, I’m enough of a music enthusiast to know that he had released

One man’s loss…

…is another man's gain

If you thought that 130 innocent people losing their lives during the recent Paris attacks was bad, consider these numbers: 51,770 incidents, 23,023 injuries, and 12,570 deaths — that was last year’s toll of gun violence in the United States. That’s over thirty deaths every day. Unfortunately, this topic is right back on the agenda

The funding of Islamic State

Buying power at the expense of brutality

“I’m convinced that this 69th session of the General Assembly could be the most consequential in a generation,” said Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, during the official opening of the assembly in question in New York last September. Referring to the many humanitarian crises in the world today, he stated that the coming year