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I'm a third year Economics and Business student with a specialization in Finance. I'm very interested in Finance, Economics, Business, Technology and many more but I will specifically publish articles about these subjects.

Economic effects of the U.S. Elections

What are the differences between the Trump-effect and the Clinton-effect?

Eight years have passed so it is time that President Barack Obama leaves the White house in order to make place in the Oval Office for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The presidential elections in the United States of America are always a big happening. There is a lot of media attention and the

Warning: Summer Is Coming

What effect will this summer have on the asset markets?

The summer holidays are nearly there, especially for students. Everyone is doing their last exams, finishing their theses and preparing their resits. But, the working people do not all have a holiday. The stock markets around the world will continue through the summer. Most of the time, summer period (June and July) is a less

Did We Not Learn Anything From the Financial Crisis in 2008?

The real estate market is booming but is it booming so much that it will create another real estate bubble with dramatic consequences?

The real estate market was one of the major causes of the recent financial crisis. Specifically, the mortgages were repacked in complex derivatives to gain huge profits for the investment banks. Unfortunately, this did not work, because the complexity was too great and even the banks that traded the mortgage derivatives, called collateralized debt obligations

The Bankruptcies in the Dutch Retail Sector

What are the reasons behind the late bankruptcies of many Dutch retail stores?

In the Dutch retail sector, quite a lot of shops have been declared bankrupt in the last two years. The most famous bankruptcy is the one of V&D (Vroom&Dreesmann), but there are many more: Aktiesport, Perry Sport, Dixons, Scapino, Dolcis, Manfield, DA, Miss Etam, ‘Schoenenreus’ and Free Record Shops. This list is much longer but

Economic Outcomes of the Dutch Carnival

What are the economic pros and cons of the Dutch Carnival?

  Carnival is a period of legendary parties, that is celebrated in regions where people are mostly Catholic. The most famous is the one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but this article will focus on the one celebrated in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, it is only celebrated in the south, namely the provinces Noord-Brabant

The invisible (financial) leaders of the world: the Rothschild Family

Theories about the richest and most mysterious family in the world

The Rothschild family is a wealthy and a quite mysterious family descending from Mayer Amschel Rothschild. He was a German Jew who established his first banking business in Frankfurt in the 1760s. Mayer Amschel Rothschild held a prestigious position of court Jew, meaning a Jewish banker who handled the finances of European royalty and nobility.