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First-year Master’s student of Business Administration from Antalya, Turkey, specializing in Consumer Marketing. Functions as the Head Editor for the ESG column in Rostra Economica and as an editor in the Amsterdam Journal of Social Sciences. He also coordinates the Campus Team at the UvA Green Office. His academic areas of interest are (environmental) sustainability and human geography, sustainable and ethical marketing, degrowth, political ecology and intersectionality. In his spare time, he likes to read fantasy genre novels, does creative writing, plays RPG video games and goes for walks in nature as a diehard forest fan.

UvA Green Office: The Hub of Student Sustainability

The Place Where Fresh Ideas Come Together for a Greener UvA

The UvA Green Office is a student-run platform striving to transform the University of Amsterdam campus into a greener place. Established in 2016, the Green Office has continuously increased its output of policy recommendations and projects to accelerate the sustainable transition at the UvA. Green Office follows an intersectional approach to sustainability that aims to

The Dream Empire

Development in the Next Global Superpower

“Dream Empire”, a documentary set in China between 2012 and 2014, narrates the economic collapse of the Chinese real estate industry and reflects on the language of development through changing social dynamics of Yana and David, the two main characters. Yana is the co-founder of a foreigner agency that employs foreigners who came to China

The Green New Deal: The European Plan to Save the Climate and the Younger Generation

An Interview with Diederik Samsom

In the second physical interview of Room for Discussion this year, the guest was Diederik Samsom. Samsom served as the leader of the Labour Party between 2012-2016. Since November 2019, Samsom has functioned as the head of the cabinet for First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmerman. Samsom also contributed to the Green New

Susan Kigula – The Pioneer of Justice

The Story of the Woman Who Saved the Lives of Hundreds

On October 22nd, Susan Kigula visited the University of Amsterdam as part of the monthly Room for Discussion conversations. Since the height of the pandemic, RfD has been pushed to virtual meetings; however, Rostra, Sefa, and UvA are excited and ecstatic to bring back the Room for Discussion panels! For the first time since 2020,

God, Gold, and Glory

A Conceptual Take on the History of Capitalism and Its Possible Future

We often use the words: “capitalism, liberalism and neoliberalism” interchangeably when referring to the current global economic, political & sociocultural system to provide a plausible explanation for our way of living. Despite being proposed by different economists throughout history, they all point out a similar pattern of thinking. Arguably, it all started with the famous

New Perspectives on Sustainability

A Practical Opinion Article on The Most Urgent Global Issue

It has been two years since Greta Thunberg’s influential speech to the UN leaders about how they failed our world due to many environmental issues waiting to be dealt with. However, despite initial motivation to solve the pressing problem, hardly any drastic progress has been executed since the speech was given. Notwithstanding fatigue surrounding climate

“Zoom” -ing in Online Education: The Ideal Way of Learning?

A Look at Online Education from a Student’s Perspective

After the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic around December 2019, our lives have been drastically changed, regardless of which sectors we work in. One example of these sectors is education. The shift from face-to-face to online education, behind our screens, has been our new reality for over a year now. Even though we can assume

Making a Resilient Future From Ancient Wisdom

Different perspectives on a sustainable world throughout time

Due to global warming and environmental problems, sustainable living is becoming a more critical necessity by the day. Society has to find more environmentally friendly ways of living to ensure humanity’s survival. Fortunately, we do not have to go too far to discover an answer to this problem. Throughout history, there have been many civilisations