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2nd year BSc student of Economics at UvA. Contemporary art and theater lover, interested in Creative Industries and Cultural Economics. Considers Economics as a tool to better understand the surrounding world.

Trump for President

...and other scary stories.

There is practically nobody, whose opinion I would trust uncritically. I believe that simply accepting a point of view acquired from any media source is not a sound state of reality for a conscious individual. Because of that, in the issues that matter, I highly appreciate articles, which give me an opportunity to clearly separate

Sleepovers for adults

Why is alternative accommodation so popular?

AirBnB era We all know AirBnB. And if we are not a hotel manager or a neighbour to a constant AirBnB apartment with loud tourists – we all love it. Why wouldn’t we? Even if we don’t use it, who doesn’t love having alternatives both for earning some quick money out from your place when

Making Money on the Internet

PATREON - empowering a new generation of content creators.

Have you ever felt that you wasted those 10 euros watching that crappy movie in the cinema? We all did, especially lately, if you are a DC universe fan. Or, on the opposite, you watched online something so good, so incredibly awesome that you wished you could have paid for it? Or that at least


What are the TEDx conferences actually worth?

I am quite allergic to the broad idea of coaching. I feel like my generation became some kind of seminar junkies – we need motivational talks to eat well, to work out well, to do our jobs well or to create relationships with others. We need other people, who motivate us to live our lives

How to Assess the Value of Nothing?

Judging modern art by appearance

In terms of economics, assessing the value of a good is usually quite straightforward. Whether it is economic or market value, whether we’re dealing with a free market economy or a socialist one – the factors influencing value are almost the same. One compares price of a good to its quality, availability and subjective, personal

The global transition towards New Media

How your perception of the world is shaped.

I bet that everyone nowadays knows how FOMO feels. Recalling from the Oxford Dictionaries, FOMO (fear of missing out) is an anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media websites. An idea to spend a whole month without Internet access, therefore with little knowledge about


On the example of Eastern Europe arboriculture

The Russian embargo imposed on the European Union as a cause of the Ukrainian Crisis has been a hot topic in recent years. The ban on food imports from the EU is claimed to cause nearly 100 billion euros loss to the EU countries.[1] The Russian government undertook radical measures to make it clear that

Nothing will make itself!

Former President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, at Room for Discussion

Last week Room for Discussion had a pleasure to have as a guest the former President of the European Central Bank in years 2004-2011, Jean-Claude Trichet. As for the President of a non-political institution, which Mr Trichet has plenty of times emphasised the ECB to constitute, he has demonstrated a stereotypically political tendency to expatiate