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I am a economics student, currently taking a detour in programming. My interests fluctuate along with all the books I buy and never read. I get very happy from American electoral maps, having an aha-erlebnis and tomatoes.

How the Crisis Broke Us

The 2008 financial crisis has been treated extensively in numerous books, articles, and even blockbuster movies such as The Big Short and Margin Call. They all show the madness of excessive risk-taking and unbridled greed. However, these accounts ignore that which may be the most important aspect the 2008 financial crisis exposed: there are not

Why Living In Amsterdam Is So Expensive

Anyone who has tried to find a house in Amsterdam will have noticed that you need either a lot of money or a lot of patience. Amsterdam, like other large cities, has seen massive growth in its housing prices. Consultancy bureau KnightFrank calculated a real increase of 63.6% in the last 5 years. Considering both the

Ambassador Pete Hoekstra: The Dutch have ‘lange tenen’

On Wednesday Feb 27th, US ambassador Pete Hoekstra was a guest at Room for Discussion (we published this introductory article in advance.) The interview covered both domestic and foreign US policy, and transatlantic relations. Hoekstra is not like most previous ambassadors. Not only does he represent the unconventional Trump administration, but he also sparked controversy

Strike! The Growing Economic Need For Trade Unions

Trade Unions played an essential role for the working man and woman. They helped improve working and living conditions for millions of people. First, by providing collective insurances that assured families a small income if the breadwinner passed away. Later, by collectively bargaining for higher wages and better working conditions. They stood at the base

Addio all’Europa?

The danger of Italy’s new government to the future of the EU

La bella Italia, it may be the world’s most admired country for its rich history, beautiful cities, the most UNESCO monuments of any country in the world and of course its wonderful food. However, it’s also known for the mafia, the big economic divide between north and south and its tumultuous politics. Recently, all the

Blaming the Victim

Imagine this; you are a high school student in the US. You go to school, just like every day, but all of a sudden you realize that this won’t be like normal. A troubled former student with a AR-15 semi-automatic rifle has entered the school building and started shooting. Before the police is able to

The rise of the extreme right (in disguise)

In recent decades, anti-immigrant parties have surged in the polls and entered most European parliaments. Since the last federal elections even Germany, which had not had a party right of the CDU since the Second World War, now has a right-wing populist party in the Bundestag. According to this Bloomberg article some of the reasons for

Is China on the verge of collapse?

China’s economy has become synonymous with growth. Since the 1980’s liberalization of Deng Xiaoping, China’s leader from the late 1970s to 1997, China developed to be the world’s largest manufacturer. It combined high amounts of export with massive domestic and international investments that were made capable by its economy being largely state-run. Between 1980 and