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21, Business Administration student. Multi-field education, continuing to expand my horizons by researching on different topics and share knowledge and ideas through Rostra Economica.

Voices of discontent: the Romanian Awakening

Over the past weeks, Romania has witnessed the largest uprising since the fall of communism in 1989 – when former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was overthrown – over a hastily-imposed decree that would have decriminalised abuse in office by officials, if the sums involved were amounting to less than $48,500. This decree aimed to weaken anti-corruption

Great Marketing Analytics?

Global marketing spending exceeds $1 trillion, which makes up for 1 to about 2 percent of global GDP. As markets undergo dynamic changes, it is intuitive that for any company Finance and R&D are not the functions to lead this. Even with the best operations and organisation, without strong marketing plans, products or services will

Who are your representatives at the FEB? An insight into our faculty student council

Young minds often challenge well established patterns. Education aims at stimulating these free minds to grasp knowledge in order to further prove that there can be room for better. This idea has been clearly reflected in the democratization of the European universities, which found its starting point in 1968 in Paris after massive student strikes