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Time to Discharge Electric Cars

Bidirectional charging Makes for a Greener Future

The city of Utrecht is determined to make the transition to clean energy as it aims to become the first bidirectionally powered region in the world. The ambition relies on the batteries of electric cars and their chargers to power homes and businesses in a region.  While most electric cars charge one way, some cars

Cultured Meat: A Revolution in Our Food System

Once the pioneer of lab-grown meat, the Netherlands has since lost its head start in the field due to legal and cultural hurdles. However, in recent months, the Dutch House of Representatives passed a resolution to allow the tasting of cultured meat under controlled conditions, a mandatory measure to gain approval by the European Food Standards Authority

A Chinese-American Identity Crisis

How Asian American athletes exhibit the challenges of biculturalism

In February 2022 Beijing became the first-ever city to host both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games. While there were many successes for individual athletes, the Olympics this year was shrouded with controversies, from the strict handling of the coronavirus to the ongoing human rights abuses in Xinjiang. Moreover, the USA and a dozen other