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Fransje Puts is one of the editor's of Rostra Economica and a BSc student in Economics and Business at the UvA. She is following the specialization of Finance and Organisation and for that reason interested in financial markets.

Broaden Your View – Study Abroad

A bit more than a year ago, on the 4th of January, I took the plane to Norway. The capital city Oslo was my destination, where I would spend my adventure of studying abroad for one semester. I planned everything perfectly and prepared myself for the rough Norwegian winter with a lammy coat, woolen long-sleeves,

Tips & Tricks – Study Abroad

At the start of this academic year, I did an interesting interview with the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Han van Dissel. Among other things, we talked about the future prospects of our faculty’s students, and in which way we can best differentiate ourselves on the job market. One of his answers

The Unloved Economists

As a student, I meet new people almost every day; at work, at the gym, at student associations, and of course during our crazy nights out. Although we don’t consider it the most thrilling subject to talk about, the typical first question when you meet someone new is what he or she is studying. Kind

An inside view of Iran

Thomas Erdbrink, the creator of the series "Onze man in Teheran", at Room for Discussion

Three years ago, around summertime, the mother of my (at that time) boyfriend offered me to join them on a trip to Iran the following year. Very enthusiastically, she said: “I could teach you a couple of words in Farsi (Persian language), so you could meet the whole family!”. I was of course honoured, but

More room for discussion?

“Ok, before I start this class I will be honest with you, this is not my field of expertise whatsoever. Originally I knew just as little as you know now about this course. The only difference is that the last weeks I have been studying the textbook intensely and spent hours on the phone with

Amsterdam Spring 2015

This sunny Sunday ‘morning’, around 12:00 p.m., I decided to take a look at the occupation of the Maagdenhuis. At the front door there was a sleepy guy with a cup of coffee and a cigarette who gave me a friendly welcome. He already warned me that most people had only just woken up. First,

Pay without work, a good idea?

Pay without work, a good idea? A couple of years ago, when thinking about my study options, I had a really difficult choice to make. My dilemma, and I think a dilemma for a lot of fellow students, was about the choice between passion and money. For me in particular it was a decision between

Bachelor’s degree in one year?

It was Monday morning when I was sitting in a huge lecture room, with around 450 fellow students who all stared at the same PowerPoint sheet. Two big yellow lemons. Yes, we all looked at a picture of two big yellow lemons with wheels underneath. ‘The subject of today is asymmetric information’, the lecturer screamed