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Don is an editor for Rostra Economica. His main interests involve anything that has to do with how regular people use creativity or just general cleverness to make their living. I like to consider the psychology of money, how it effects people and vice-versa. How money has given birth to the most bizarre subcultures, hobbies, professions and lifestyles.

The UvA’s approach to promoting student businesses

In recent years the Dutch government has been attempting to stimulate young entrepreneurship. For instance, the Chamber of Commerce often gives free seminars to starting business owners and there are special tax regulations for start-up companies. Nevertheless, only 3% of students have a registered company. Several universities, including the UvA, have initiated organisations, events and

Les Marche aux Puces, treasure trove or tourist trap?

A visit to the market with fleas

  The world has become overly modern in some regards. The great mysteries of the world have been dulled and although more realistic the west has lost its sense of imagination. However that feeling of the unknown and slightly magical has to some extent been preserved within trinkets and items of foreign and older times

A Dutch Look at “gypsies on benefits”

A good economy has to consider and balance two equally important actions: a steady cash inflow and a deterred cash outflow. Most economies realize this and have taken various precautions in order to benefit the aforementioned. Trade unions, tariffs, exchange R, just to name a few. This article regards cash outflows, which optimally should only

Airport baggage auctions

Exciting extra income or unprofitable hype

Inspired by the growing hype in the U.S, my colleague Boyd and I set off to discover the truth about airport baggage auctions in the Netherlands and, of course, the best and only way to do so is to sign up for one. Schiphol is the busiest airport in the Netherlands and by extension the