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A first-year student in Business Administration, with an affinity for politics and economics.

Fixing the Ship of State’s Helm

Fixing the ship of state’s helm Polarization is affecting our society tremendously. Over the last decades, many (western) countries have become increasingly individualistic. Many well-educated people no longer identify with their country, flag or nationality, but mostly identify with their recently acquired education or job, salary or social class. It seems as if every country

Does Iraq have a future?

Does Iraq have a future? As of 9 April 2020, Iraq claimed to have 1202 confirmed Covid-19 cases although, critics suspect the number to be much higher. Iraq has implemented semi-lockdown measures; its people are restricted from movement between 18:00h-00:00h and its airports are closed.  The situation is critical, Iraq’s healthcare capacity is very limited and

The Value of International Students

During the last years, I have seen many articles regarding the influence of international students in the Netherlands. More and more Dutch universities offer the majority of their courses in English and are, according to critics, depending financially on international students. Some are concerned with the path the educational system has gone into and anxious