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Profits or Eco-Rights?

An exploration into the problematic priorities of oil sales.

A couple of weeks ago, Peruvian fishers were robbed of their livelihoods, and an entire maritime ecosystem was put at detrimental risk. Another massive oil spill has blackened Peru’s usually golden beaches, a fitting new colour for mourning much of Peru’s rich and diverse wildlife. In the words of local fisherman Walter de la Cruz:

Whatsapp’s Global Addicts

When Developing Countries Rely on a Western Monopoly

Remember that day when Whatsapp was out? And then you panicked and tried Messenger, Facebook, Instagram until you realised only Twitter was working? Millions of start-ups and small companies across India, Brazil, Malaysia, the Philippines and elsewhere also remember the 4th October 2021. The latter, however, stand in stark contrast to most of us, as