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Bartek is the current Editor of Rostra Economica and a second-year Bachelor student who is studying Finance and Organisation. He is mostly interested in finance and politics and would like to interlink those two worlds in his papers.

Will China dethrone the US?

We are all aware of the strength of China expressed in almost every dimension, starting from its sheer size, and ending on the productivity of its industry. However, Chinese authorities feel that they are not being given enough voice in the matters concerning the shaping and development of the world. As an argument, they give

Apple, wake up!

Apple. The world’s biggest company. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t heard about it. You can either hate it or love it. I can see myself to be in between; I’m a proud iPhone user and wouldn’t imagine switching to any other smartphone. Yet, I cannot fully understand the feelings that Apple lovers attach to


Quantitative easing aka printing money was started by the EBC on Monday, 9th of March. Mr Draghi wants to achieve the same results of QE as the United States in the past. Namely, he wants to finally pull the European economy out of stagnation by increasing inflation, economic growth and decreasing unemployment. Despite all the

Switzerland after unpegging of the Franc

The 15th of January was a doomsday on the financial markets. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) decided to stop protecting the exchange rate of franc against euro. As a result, the traders started acting crazy which resulted in a massive appreciation of the franc. Since then the situation cooled down a bit (now EURCHF is

Is studying always worth it?

People start studying for various reasons. They want to develop themselves in the field of their own interest, establish new relations or obtain a proper background in order to get a dream job in the future. Regardless of the motive, all of us expect the university degree to act as a differential on the job