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In the shadows of Russia’s psyche

How Putin’s psyops is keeping everyone on their toes

“Russia is blackmailing Ukraine and the whole world”, was the answer by Dmitry, a Kyiv resident, when asked to share his thoughts about the increasing Russian military numbers at the Ukraine border. Amidst the growing tensions, diplomatic talks, and geopolitical strategies, the “what if Russia invades” discussions are the most read and prioritised topic in

Deterioration of Freedom of Press in Central Europe

The constant, calculated, and systematic attacks on the fourth estate of democracy, media, leave it wobbling and weak. All around the world, there are plenty of examples of authoritarian leaders, such as Lukashenko or Erdogan, seizing control of the media market and making it a pro-government propaganda machine. Even in the past decade, EU members

The fight against unlawful migrants and the unsettling conflict at the Eastern European Union border

Recurring cybersecurity attacks, spreading fake news on governmental websites, interfering with the emails of the MPs, developing propaganda campaigns, you name it, the government of Russia has done it. Since the start of his term, President Putin always attempted to meddle with the unity of the European Union and NATO to ensure political weakness. While