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22-year-old, 3rd year BSc in Economics and Business Student. I am interested in politics, international relations and economic-social development. I believe that even the smallest of actions can change the world and I want Rostra Economica to bring value to the FEB community and beyond. As the Secretary & Treasurer I overview Rostra's organisation and finances.

A Fact Or Two About the Gaming Industry

Nowadays it has become very fashionable and popular to judge and describe us – millennials – as if we were a homogeneous group in which everyone has the exact same world view, adheres to the same opinions and leads the same lifestyle. Recently a video even went viral in which the speaker in only 15

Schengen for Dummies

Less than two weeks ago, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, has suggested that the Schengen Area should be suspended for 24 hours in order to show the citizens of Europe what it means to live without it. He said: “Shutting the frontiers for a day would show people what it means to wait

The Roeterseiland Grand Design

It has been 5 years since the start of the renovation of the Roeterseiland Campus (REC) in 2011. This means that majority of UvA students, including us at the FEB, has never seen the campus without some part of it being under construction. Scaffoldings, detours and noise have become a part of the REC experience.

The Best Kind of “Cracy”

XXI century did not bring universal peace and justice everyone was hoping for. Instead, on top of the usual, very slow pace of improvements, for the past couple of years we seem to have been witnessing one of the biggest crises of democracy in modern times. With many elected politicians’ inability to deal with social,

Can Islamic Finance Help Our Economy?

Decrease interest rates or increase them? Or maybe get rid of them altogether?

Who is to blame for the recent financial crisis, the worst since the Great Depression? Majority would say that it’s the banks that are at fault. And although the reasons behind the recession are still being researched and it will be long before we know the exact answer to this question (if at all), it

Where No European Has Gone Before…

What is Europe doing to bring humanity closer to space and the future?

Although we don’t often think that way, probably the biggest contributions that the Old Continent has ever made to human history were the European explorers and scientists. Columbus, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Polo, Vespucci – all of them looked beyond the horizon and into the stars and wondered how to reach them, how to cross frontier