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Antoine Steen is an editor of Rostra Economica and third-year student of the BSC Economics and Business programme at the University of Amsterdam. He has a particular interest in the interplay between economics and international relations. Antoine's LinkedIn

The Panama Papers

When 11.5m files are leaked from the database of a law firm specialising in setting up offshore companies, you can expect to unearth something interesting, and the Mossack Fonseca documents have not disappointed. But the blitz of names, relationships and alleged criminal wrongdoings has clouded the story. The leak has unveiled the offshore holdings of

Britain’s Big Gamble and the End of the European Dream

On June 23rd the British public will make a decision that could alter the fate of Europe in a referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU. Despite returning from Brussels negotiations having secured Britain a ‘special status’ in the union, including an emergency brake on welfare payments to EU migrants, protections from eurozone

Big Money and the Beautiful Game

Premier League fans around the world will tell you: this season is shaping up to be the most exciting and unpredictable since the league’s inception in 1992. Last year’s champions, Chelsea, languish four points above the relegation zone, having sacked their seemingly invincible manager, Jose Mourinho, the self-anointed ‘Special One’, after he lost nine games