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A Talk with the Rebels

Extinction Rebellion at Room for Discussion

“Rebels for life”, the guys from Extinction Rebellion are here to make you understand that polluting the planet is no joke. The global climate movement, which originated in May 2018 has seen increased spotlight as their protest become more frequent. Their occupation of five key London locations, in April 2019, has been a focal point

What’s next?

The Chief Economist of the IMF at Room for Discussion

  Despite most of us still getting into the rhythm of university, the pace of global economy seems to be faster than ever. With gloom perspectives for Europe’s economy and a fast approaching Brexit deadline, every day there a new piece of information that changes the rule of the game. As hard as it is

High up in the sky

The Skyscraper Fad of the 1920s

     With the start of the 20th century, America became one of the most powerful economies in the world. With an abundance of steel, iron, money and modern construction techniques, it seemed natural that the course of action was to build massive structures that would show the newly accumulated wealth.      Starting in Chicago in

It Is OK to Work in Manufacturing

How the Romanian education system promotes stigmatization of manual workers

Education plays an essential part in the sustainable development of a country. Yet, it is often the most disregarded policy in newly developed economies. The little short term benefits disincentivise authorities to take sustainable action. After all, small children do not vote. Less than 4% of the Romanian GDP is spent on the education budget.

Understanding Brexit

The European Impact

Brexit has been the talk of Europe for the past three years. The abundant information provided by various publications makes it hard for many to form a structured and objective view on the matter. If you want to be part of the people that get a better insight into the topic and voice informed opinions

The Cult of Personality

A Discussion of the Power of the Self

Besides being a popular song by Living Colour, the ‘Cult of Personality’ is probably also one of the paramount factors that shaped history over the last century. By definition, the pejorative term implies that the leader of a totalitarian state has brought his characteristics near to deification, through propaganda. Or in a simpler manner, the

Fitting in

Feike Sijbesma on the Transition of Royal DSM

Feike Sijbesma, the CEO of Royal DSM, participated in the first Room for Discussion interview of the year, on the 15th of January.   In all honesty, many people, including myself, did not fully grasp the magnitude of Royal DSM. Their products are part of our daily lives without us even remotely realizing it. From


-The Canal that Changed the Flow of Romanian History

I’ve always had the feeling that talking about communism is rather taboo in Romania. The academic year would always end before we reached 1947 in history class. As such, I am reluctant to dive into such a sensitive subject. But here I stand, after reading an interview from a dear family friend that was a

Keeping up with the EU

-Introducing former European Commissioner Neelie Kroes

Neelie Kroes is, in short, a woman of power. Born in 1941 in Rotterdam, she is a Dutch and European politician for the liberal VVD party. Being said to have broken every glass ceiling, she was former European Commissioner for Competition and Digital Agenda (2004-2014), first female underminister at the Ministry of Transport, Public Works

Say HI to AI

What is different about the technology industry

  By the time this article is up, it would’ve been two weeks since the infamous Joe Rogan and Elon Musk interview. If you, the reader, haven’t yet listened to the extensive two and a half hour podcast, I highly recommend parts of it,(no, not the portion where Elon Musk puffs a blunt), especially where

From Alchemy to Biotech

Finding the potion for eternal youth

Humans have been searching for the fountain of youth since the beginning of written history. Whether a Greek historian, or a Spanish conquistador, all believed that far-away lands hide the mystical water source. Today, with the world map fully explored and a much better understanding of the causes of aging, it appears that eternal youth

No Man’s Church

The downfall of religion in Europe

 It is no surprise that religion, and especially Christianity, has shaped the heritage and history of the European continent. Adopted by the Roman empire in 308 A.D., Christianity in Europe has been at the heart of wealth and war. After one big schism in 1054 and the reformations in the 16th century, we arrive today,

Big Changes

How Big Data is revolutionizing economics

A few weeks ago I attended the Digital Economy Days, a technological conference organized by the University of Amsterdam in partnership with Samsung, that encourages students to get ready for the digital economy environment in which they will be working. Being rather tech adverse and having a limited understanding of anything beyond Microsoft Office, one

The aftermath of the Pyeongchang 2018

The possible path to unity

Paved with various political controversies, the start of the 23rd edition of the Winter Olympics brought many ongoing questions to light. With security concerns voiced by France, Germany and the US toward the end of 2017 as a result of North Korea’s nuclear programme, the event was viewed with skepticism and as a spark for