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An Israeli economics and philosophy student at Amsterdam University College. I enjoy finding obscure connections between things.

The Wage Growth Mystery

Underemployment has gone down, but why wouldn’t wages go up?

We do not think often of economists as detectives, as we tend to leave exciting puzzles to those with the more exciting professions. The truth is that economists love mysteries, and that these mysteries pose many unanswered questions. In this realm of mysterious phenomena there is one puzzle that continues to confuse economists in recent

Let’s Get Festive!

On the economics of music festivals

In the midst of a depressing, cold December, you can take comfort in the variety of upcoming music festivals that are bound to cheer you up in the summer of 2018: whether you are an electronic or indie fan or you prefer big pop music festivals, you should probably start buying your tickets as these

How Amazon is Changing the American Town

Close your eyes. Imagine the American town. One can think of big shiny malls with parking lots larger than football fields or perhaps well-kept high streets where friendly neighbors are doing their daily shopping. Now open your eyes. This movie-like version of Americana has never been accurate in describing life in the United States, yet

When Economists Change Their Minds

There is a known story about the famous American economist Irving Fisher that professors and their students like to tell jokingly whenever they gather in groups of three or more: It was in early October 1929, when Fisher claimed publicly that the stock market had reached a “permanently high plateau”; he did so in the

You Are What You Eat

Gastronationalism, Globalization and Identity

Scrolling down my Facebook feed, along with photos of other people’s vacations and posts by my mom, I often stumble upon videos such as “Italians Try American Snacks” or “Americans Try German Food For The First Time.” We all know these videos: usually produced by media companies like Buzzfeed, they attract millions of viewers using

A Tale as Old as Time

Disney film remakes - between investment, technology and creativity

One of the highlights of my childhood were the dozens of Disney videotapes purchased by my parents over the years, as I was too young to buy such masterpieces on my own. I had (almost) all of them: The Lion King, Mulan, Dumbo, Cinderella, The Sword in the Stone, The Aristocats, The Jungle Book, you

Dirty Harry of the Philippines has a plan, but will it work?

Behind the Filipino crackdown on drugs

Leila de Lima is a senator from the Philippines, the former Secretary of the Department of Justice, and a human rights activist. In late February, she was arrested by the Filipino police for alleged involvement in drug trafficking. Coincidentally, she is also one of the fiercest opponents of the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte,