North America

Stimulus Spikes and Tax Hikes

Funding Pandemic Fiscal Policy That Raised Millions Out of Poverty

In April, President Biden delivered a clear message to wealthy Americans: “Your taxes will be raised.” As expected, business lobbyists and conservative politicians in the United States have voiced strong opposition to tax increases, claiming them to be unfair towards businesses and hard-working Americans. However, their rhetoric surrounding the possible changes in tax policy clouds


Latin America

Middle East

Neom: A Utopian Clash between Tradition and Modernity

The shadow side to the utopian dream city Neom

“The Line”. What sounds like one of Netflix’s dystopian shows is actually a fully-fledged project of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman as part of the country’s “vision 2030” plan. “The Line” is the infrastructural city planning of the future metropole Neom, a modern ecotopia, promising harmony, sustainability, health and innovation all within an

“Death to France”

Why is the French Republic trapped in the crosshairs of radical Islamists?

On October 16th, middle-school teacher Samuel Paty was decapitated for having shown caricatures of the prophet Mohammed to his class. The cartoons were the work of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, twelve of whose editors fell prey to an Islamist attack of their own in January 2015. On October 29th, less than two weeks later, an assailant claimed the lives of three people in Nice, one of whom was also beheaded. In the same town, in July 2016, an Islamic terrorist drove a truck through a


Economic Perspectives from the Fight Against Climate Change

Australia's Opportunities for a Sustainable and Prosperous Future

While the cost of losing the fight against global warming would be immense, the fight itself is hampered by the fact that some countries will have to sacrifice more and make more changes in order to complete the transition to a greener economy. The campaign to halt climate change is difficult because countries needing to

112 Long Days of Hibernation: The Story of Melbourne’s COVID-19 Battle So Far

The second wave of toilet paper hoarding hit Australia in late June, and purchase limits were reintroduced in the country’s biggest supermarket chains. However, life is slowly starting to pick up its pace again in Melbourne and the entire state of Victoria after one of the world’s strictest COVID-19 lockdowns of nearly four months. Melbourne,