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To Master or Not To Master

Is a Master's Degree worth it?

Whether or not graduating school is worth the cost is a subject that’s rife with controversy. Depending on whom you talk to, getting a master’s degree or another advanced degree is either a great decision or a huge waste of time. The choice to attend graduate school is easy for future doctors and lawyers: they must

New Year, More Students

The new academic year has begun and everyone must have noticed how busy Roeterseiland, Science Park or any other location of the UvA is. It seems as if the amount of new students becomes larger every year. Indeed, this is the case: the number of students starting a bachelor’s at the university level has increased

Think Big and Take Action

First ever TEDxUniversiteitVanAmsterdam edition. What was it like?

I enter the CREA Theatre, find a spot in the middle of the second row, face the well-known red TEDx sign, and I wait there with bated breath for the commencement. I was both excited and intrigued. Last Thursday was meant to be inspirational and transformative. And I am not just talking about the 2,5-hour

The News That Shaped the Month – May

WannaCry Cyberattack – Yana Chernysh On the 12th of May, a wave of a cyberattacks hit many countries worldwide. The targets of the hackers were not only personal laptops and computers, but also the municipality, hospitals, and other socially important infrastructures. The four most affected countries were Russia, Ukraine, India, and Taiwan. The attack worked