Refugee Integration

Mr. Lucassen and Mrs. Degler are coming to UvA to be interviewed by Room for Discussion on a topic of the the refugee integration. This article introduces Mr. Lucassen and Mrs. Degler and gives you the insides into the topic of the interview.
The focal points of the article are the statics on the worldwide amount of the refugees, asylum applicants coming to the EU, and the EU integration programs. Read the article to be prepared to ask questions during the interview and come yourself to meet Mr. Lucassen and Mrs. Degler or read our follow up article after the interview.


-The Canal that Changed the Flow of Romanian History

I’ve always had the feeling that talking about communism is rather taboo in Romania. The academic year would always end before we reached 1947 in history class. As such, I am reluctant to dive into such a sensitive subject. But here I stand, after reading an interview from a dear family friend that was a

Chinese Tea More Valuable than Gold

Pu'er is a tea that is able to age like fine wine

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. And although it is produced widely around the world, the best of the best teas are all still produced in China. ‘Long Jing’, ‘Tie Guan Yin’, ‘Pu’er’ are all legendary teas steep in history with a matching flavor profile. Not many would also know that ‘Pu’er’