Housing for International Students

On Friday the 8th of September, more than 65 students gathered in front of the Academy Building of the University of Groningen. They placed tents, rolled out sleeping bags, and laid on air mattresses. Why? To show that they will just sleep in front of the university if there are no rooms for international students.

To Master or Not To Master

Is a Master's Degree worth it?

Whether or not graduating school is worth the cost is a subject that’s rife with controversy. Depending on whom you talk to, getting a master’s degree or another advanced degree is either a great decision or a huge waste of time. The choice to attend graduate school is easy for future doctors and lawyers: they must

Netflix: The End of Linear Television?

Determinants of the online television producer’s success

Have you already watched the new Designated Survivor-episodes? The new season of Orange is the New Black? All six seasons of House of Cards, and probably even Stranger Things? Over 103.95 million people have subscribed to Netflix, the popular streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) service which accounts for 125 million hours of streamed movies and series