COVID-19 Dispatch: Kenneth Roth Talks The Rise of Autocracy During the Pandemic

How Covid-19 has worsened Hungary’s authoritarianism and the resulting responsibility of the EU

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has caused a variety of problems, one of which is increasing authoritarianism. Room for Discussion interviewed Kenneth Roth about how Covid-19 has created increasing opportunities for authoritarianism in many countries, focusing on the rise of autocracy in Hungary. Roth is currently the executive director of the Human Rights

Guide to Kremlin’s Power Vertical, constitutional public vote, and more..

What does the future hold for Russia with new constitutional changes? What do these changes mean to Putin's Power Vertical?

It is not a secret that Vladimir Putin is the de facto leader of Russia, and it is doubtful to expect any changes in his status quo by the end of his presidential term in 2024. For the past 20 years, Putin has faced no equivalent-to-his-greatness rivalry for the post of president or prime minister.

Tara Reade’s Forgotten Story

Joe Biden, Uncontested Over Sexual Allegations

The #MeToo movement has opened many doors for women – giving them a safe environment to come forward, testify, and wield the hammer of justice. Cases like Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, and 200 more, exemplify the power women have regained to topple these men from their thrones. However, it seems the roots of the #MeToo