Battery Strife

How going green is bound to get us all charged up

No sovereign nation has ever been able to lay claim to more than 20% of global oil reserves, the backbone of 20th century energy and the underlying cause of immeasurable bloodshed. If current trends are to be heeded and the harnessing of renewables is to power this century, batteries are destined to be the bottleneck

Are We Living In A Post-Ethical World?

Source: New York Times Almost no students leave university without passing a course on ethics–so why is the modern application of ethics so far from the textbooks? The word ethics comes from the Ancient Greek ēthikós that means “relating to one’s character”. To Socrates, being ethical meant knowing one-self and being open to every fact

Why are the Farmers in India Protesting?

Indian farmers, mainly from northern Punjab and Haryana states, have been protesting recently implemented agricultural bills since November of last year and have gained massive international attention. Although the three bills were intended to modernize India’s farming sector, farmers worry that it will disempower them and possibly decrease their quality of life. Protestors have been

A History of Myanmar: The Everlasting Struggle

Introduction  In Myanmar, in the early hours of Monday, February the 1st, the army’s TV station announced grave news across a country whose history had been marred in oppression and authoritarianism. Power had been transferred over to commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing. Soldiers poured into the capital, Nay Pyi Taw, blocking roads, and launching a media-blackout