The Market For Psilocybin

The purpose of hallucinogenic plants in human societies has varied from religious rites to psychological healing. However, for the past hundreds of years, their use has been criminalized and their usefulness has gone largely unnoticed. Today, a new curiosity towards them has risen among researchers who have been increasingly interested in alternative drugs to treat

How Are The Mighty Fallen!

“The west is the best Get here and we’ll do the rest” – The Doors, The End (1967)  Jim Morrison couldn’t have foreseen that those words would ring with more irony today than they did when he wrote them over 50 years ago. At present, Costa Ricans enjoy a higher life expectancy than US citizens, Belarus has a lower poverty rate than Canada, Jordan has a higher literacy rate than

Neocolonialism: the role of the IMF and the World Bank

What is Neocolonialism? Neocolonialism involves the use of economic, political or cultural pressures to influence other countries, especially former colonies. Previous colonial methods of invasion, violence and direct control have become outdated. If developed countries, which now mostly claim to honor democracy and human rights, tried to directly colonize another country, there would be much