The Economics of Migration

From the border between the US and Mexico to the exodus of Africans to Europe: what role does migration play in the 21st century?

Many economists consider the allocation of human resources relatable to any market in general, asserting that by pursuing self-interest, efficiency, overall output and welfare will be maximised, at least to some extent. The latter reasoning would lead to thinking that by fuelling competition in the job market, there will be more struggles for locals whose

Diamonds Are Not Only a Girl’s Best Friends

Most of us recall the famous Marilyn Monroe singing “Diamonds are the Girl’s Best Friends” in the movie by Howard Hawks “Gentlemen Preferer Blonds”. The trend for the diamond engagement rings is growing with the jewelry company marketing as an inseparable part of the lifelong commitment. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with Audrey Hapburn staring that made