Why Living In Amsterdam Is So Expensive

Anyone who has tried to find a house in Amsterdam will have noticed that you need either a lot of money or a lot of patience. Amsterdam, like other large cities, has seen massive growth in its housing prices. Consultancy bureau KnightFrank calculated a real increase of 63.6% in the last 5 years. Considering both the

Sunshine in California

Follow-up article for the Room for Discussion interview of Google’s chief economist Hal Varian

Google is not a simple company. To some extent, it rather looks like a state. By controlling the way we use the Internet, it seems to rule the state of the digital world. Indeed, Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist, holds as much credibility as a politician nowadays. While he publicly defends open access to Internet,

It Is OK to Work in Manufacturing

How the Romanian education system promotes stigmatization of manual workers

Education plays an essential part in the sustainable development of a country. Yet, it is often the most disregarded policy in newly developed economies. The little short term benefits disincentivise authorities to take sustainable action. After all, small children do not vote. Less than 4% of the Romanian GDP is spent on the education budget.

Climate Change on Trial

“There is no planet B”, this was one of the many slogans during the 10th March protest against climate change in Amsterdam. An estimate of 40,000 people turned out for the protest, demanding the Dutch government take stronger action against global warming. There is an ongoing emergence of protests in all corners of the world.