Controlling Forced Evictions to Fight Extreme Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa Should Control Forced Evictions to Fight Extreme Poverty Earlier this year, the Human Rights Watch published a report revealing that over 20,000 people would have been forcibly evicted in Conakry between February and May 2019. Bulldozers and other heavy machinery demolished the buildings to free the land for government ministries, foreign embassies, businesses, and

Defending Liberalism

This week the Room for Discussion interviewed professor Deirdre McCloskey

What is liberalism and how does one defend liberalism when faced with modern-day problems? That was the theme of the latest Room for Discussion interview with professor Deirdre McCloskey. When professor McCloskey stepped on stage, she jokingly remarked that the audience would have to wait a little longer than usual because she is getting a