Rostra’s Choice

Rostra’s Choice: Doughnut Economics

Title: Doughnut Economics Writer: Kate Raworth Year of publication: 2017 Review: In this book, Oxford economist Kate Raworth introduces an economic model that revisits the mainstream economic thinking and accounts for planetary and societal boundaries of development. The author argues that limitless economic growth is unsustainable and that policymakers’ priorities should be altered in the

Rostra’s Choice: The Sympathizer

Title:  The Sympathizer Writer:  Viet Thanh Nguyen Year of publication:  2015 Review: In this potent novel, a south Vietnamese, half-French, secret police captain flees Saigon for California as the city falls to communist forces, putting an end to the infamous Vietnam war. His personal war, however, is not over. As a man considered a bastard

Rostra’s Choice: Prisoners of Geography

Title: Prisoners of Geography Writer: Tim Marshall Year of publication: 2015 Review: Have you ever wondered why the COVID-19 epidemic creates international tensions? Perhaps you are curious as to why Putin’s regime has targeted Crimea specifically, beyond propagandistic purposes. The answer to most of the questions surrounding these current events fall under the umbrella of