Room for Discussion

COVID-19 Dispatch: Kenneth Roth Talks The Rise of Autocracy During the Pandemic

How Covid-19 has worsened Hungary’s authoritarianism and the resulting responsibility of the EU

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has caused a variety of problems, one of which is increasing authoritarianism. Room for Discussion interviewed Kenneth Roth about how Covid-19 has created increasing opportunities for authoritarianism in many countries, focusing on the rise of autocracy in Hungary. Roth is currently the executive director of the Human Rights

COVID-19 Dispatch: Pete Hoekstra Talks the Threat of a New Cold War

How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted the foreign and domestic policies of the United States? What is the fate of the souring Sino-U.S. partnership?

The two greatest superpowers in the world. Two rivals, historically competing against one another, yet deeply dependent on each other in so many ways. Their decisions and actions come with big consequences for all of us. In the past 30 years, the world has witnessed the largest, ever recorded in history, wealth and technology transfer

COVID-19 Dispatch: Frans de Waal Talks Human Nature

Our evolutionary past manifests itself in more ways than one.

The world hasn’t been quite this chaotic for some time: society as we know it seems ripe to burst after three months of pandemic. If you’re tired of the accusatory politics and contradictory science, Frans de Waal is just the right man to take a step back and peel back the layers of perplexing human