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The Uninhabitable Earth

The interview with Mr. Wallace-Wells

On the 27th of March Room for Discussion is cooperation with Spui25 and book publisher “De Bezige Bij” hosted an event with David Wallace-Wells. During the event Mr. Wallace-Wells presented his book “The Uninhabitable Earth”, was interview by Room for Discussion and answered some audience questions. The article by Timothy Mulder introduces Mr. Wallace-Wells and his

Interview with David Wallace-Wells

“The Uninhabitable Earth”

David Wallace-Wells describes himself as “quite an unlikely environmental alarmist”. He started exploring the issue of climate change not as an environmentalist but as a journalist who was baffled with the bleak prospects of climate change. Mr. Wallace-Wells has written for several current affairs magazines and at the moment he is a deputy editor and

Climate Change on Trial – Review

This past March 19th, 2019, Room for Discussion hosted an interview with Dr. Professor Joyeeta Gupta (co-chair of UN Environment’s Global Environmental Outlook-6) and Freek Bersch (Spokesperson for Economy at Milieudefensie). The goal of the interview was to examine the challenges posed by climate change to our legal systems and policy rooms, and how the

Climate Change on Trial

“There is no planet B”, this was one of the many slogans during the 10th March protest against climate change in Amsterdam. An estimate of 40,000 people turned out for the protest, demanding the Dutch government take stronger action against global warming. There is an ongoing emergence of protests in all corners of the world.