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Channel Miller at Room for Discussion – Preview

It has been now over 5 years since the woman who became known as “Emily Doe” was sexually assaulted on the Stanford University Campus. Her new book reveals her real name.

The case of Chanel Miller (formerly known as Emily Doe) became famous in 2016 after BuzzFeed published the statement she read at the sentencing hearing for Brock Turner, the Stanford student convicted of the assault. Four years after the publication of the statement, Miller is ready to talk. In her memoir “Know My Name”, she

Cas Mudde on the Rise of the Populist Right

A Review

As populism continues to receive global recognition and establishes its place at the core of the liberal democratic states, there has been an enduring interest in understanding such phenomenon and its current state of affairs. The renowned political scientist Dr Cas Mudde was interviewed at the University of Amsterdam and shared extensive insights on one

The Rebels’ Offer: The Action or the Path to Action

Room for Discussion: Will Extinction Rebellion save our Planet?

Ernst-Jan Kuiper, activist, scientist and geologist, and Lennart Tiller, activist and former student at the University College of Amsterdam were interviewed by Room for Discussion on November 26th 2019. The representatives of Extinction Rebellion(XR) met when arrested in a protest against climate change, a common enemy. Room for Discussion addressed the feasibility of XR’s demands

The Current State of the Far-Right

Cas Mudde, a Dutch Political Scientist at Room for Discussion

A brief look into his background Cas Mudde was born on June 3rd, 1967 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He completed his Master’s degree in 1993 and gained his Ph.D. in 1998 both in Political Science at Leiden University. Mudde continued his career around Europe, holding tenure-related positions at Central European University in Hungary, the University