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COVID-19 Dispatch: Philip Lane Talks ECB’s Monetary Policy in Current Pandemic

On Wednesday 13th May 2020, Room for Discussion had the honour to interview Philip Lane, chief economist of the European Central Bank (ECB). Lane is seen by many to provide an academic counterweight to the traditional political abilities of ECB President, Christine Lagarde. In this Room for Discussion interview, Lane answered some questions on the

COVID-19 Dispatch: Albert Fox Cahn Talks Privacy Under Threat

Phone applications, contact tracing, physical lockdown control, closeup surveillance of movements, CCTV, digital tracking and facial recognition tools — governments are doing everything to repress the spread of the virus. This intensive surveillance has so far proved to be one of the most efficient ways to ensure public safety in the light of the COVID-19

COVID-19 Dispatch: Dr. Nicholas Christakis Talks COVID-19 Responses

Dr. Nicholas Christakis (MD, PhD) is an American and Greek physician/sociologist known for his extensive research on social networks and on the socioeconomic, biosocial and evolutionary determinants of behaviour, health, and longevity. Educated at Harvard Medical School and at Yale University, Dr. Christakis has, alongside his academic research, published multiple books and presented various TED

COVID-19 Dispatch: Dr. Simon Mair Talks The Future of Work

An Ecological and Marxist view

As PhD in Ecological Economics and research fellow at the University of Surrey, Dr. Simon Mair has focused his work on building a better economy through the thorough analysis and understanding of our current systems. However, his wide range of interests stretches far beyond: from the history of economic thought to utopian economics. Previous works