Room for Discussion

UvA Executive board talks university’s response to the pandemic

This past Tuesday the UvA Executive Board was confronted with the questions bothering students the most, from tuition fee reductions to the use of Proctorio during online examinations. On November 10th Geert ten Dam, Karen Maex, and Jan Linsten shared their answers with Room for Discussion, so here’s a glimpse of what was addressed.  What

Claudio Borio and the Behind-the-Scenes Bank Keeping Us Afloat

The chief economist of the central bankers' bank discusses the price of the pandemic.

Claudio Borio, a man humorously self-described as “very secretive”, is without doubt one of the most important people you’ve never heard of. Italian by birth, he grew up in Argentina before a gap year in the UK fortuitously turned into a 9-year stint at the University of Oxford: all the way from PPE undergraduate to research fellow, picking up a

COVID-19 Dispatch: Ayaan Hirsi Alii Talks On Feminism, Black Lives Matter & Cancel Culture

How Ayaan is a black sheep in both social justice warriors’ and traditional Islamists’ eyes

On Tuesday 13th of October, the Room for Discussion Podcast welcomed Ayaan Hirsi Ali: a feminist, activist, author, scholar and former Dutch politician. This interviewee was born in Somalia but immigrated to the Netherlands in 1992 at the age of 23 in order to escape an arranged marriage. After receiving refugee status, she fought her