Michael Flynn – The Victim of a Rogue FBI

“This is not the department of let’s see if we can get away with it, and it is not the department of let’s see who we can get fired. It is the department of justice.” – Trey Gowdy

RussiaGate – The FBI probe into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia – feels like it happened a lifetime ago, but new revelations in the case against Mike Flynn temporarily brought new attention to this period. While the question of whether or not there was any collusion is a matter that has been


Finland's forgotten hero

A Russian colonel charging through the smoke of cannon shells into Japanese positions, a Swedish anthropologist trekking through the Chinese frontier on a secret mission, a friend of both Winston Churchill and the Czar of Russia, a monarchist conspirator in times of bolshevism and a ruthless leader in times of civil-war, the vanquisher of foreign

The Democratic Primaries

COVID-19, a few months ago nobody knew what it was and now it is all anyone ever talks about. The current pandemic has caused many their lives and has halted the economy to a standstill. The news media are hyper-focused on the subject to a point where it feels like there is nothing else going