Peru’s Political Uncertainty

The country's current political crisis has left Peruvians with a conflict between the executive and legislative powers.

Odebrecht S.A. is a Brazilian construction firm well known to have corrupted and manipulated several government officials across Latin America. Ever since these illegal operations came to light, dozens of politicians have been prosecuted and detained all over the world. Peru was no exception to these countries and the officials found guilty are now facing

Sick countries and the IMF Rescues: The right prescriptions?

In 2018, Argentina received a loan package of $57.1bn, the biggest in the history of the International Monetary Fund (IMF.) It was aimed to recover the peso and from a state of recession. Also, Ecuador obtained a $10.2 billion finance deal intended to stabilize the economy and help to pay its debts. However, in recent months the

Is the Time for Nuclear Power Over?

An analysis of our use of nuclear power, and how this contrasts with our available renewable sources.

Nuclear power has generated a controversial debate. Proponents of this energy, such as the World Nuclear Association and Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy, contend that nuclear power is a safe, sustainable energy source that has the potential to reduce our carbon emissions. Opponents, such as Greenpeace and NIRS, argue that nuclear power poses many threats to