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Subject: Your Package May Be Lost

How Mail in Voting Endangers the Democratic Process

November 3rd, 2020. That is the date that seems to be marked on calendars worldwide. Americans are anxiously waiting for this day as it slowly creeps closer—constantly wondering what is going to happen, are the theoretical polls going to come to life or be debunked, will this play out like the 2016 campaign? It also

The Abraham Accords

The Newest Peace Treaty in the Middle East: Will It Actually Bring Peace?

When Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the world held its breath. Shortly afterward, he moved the United States embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem as a political statement. Some applauded the president and others were fearful of a future war. Over the last three years, it seems that the president of the

The Current Bandage Has Not Healed the Festering Wound

How education in the United States is in desperate need of reform

When thinking about schooling in the United States, one often only conjures up an image of the countries’ institutions of higher education. These prestigious institutions are continuously ranked the highest in the world in every list available. They, however, often mask the problems Americans face in their K-12 education to the outside world. While parents